So it begins...

So, this is a thing now. This blog has been a year in the making and it has finally seen the light of day, or more the depressing clouds of day. It is England after all. I live here now, and I trip all over my Croatian habits daily, so this will be a place where I share my experiences with all of my friends who don't care. It will be a combination of all the things I like: music, food, photos, books, rants.. all mixed in a big pot of goulash. Bon Appétit!

If you like it and want to get an e-mail when I post something in the future, then just add your e-mail address in the side bar. I don't know how often I'll post, but it won't be more then once a week for sure. Ain't nobody got time for that.


P.S. Mike, thank you for building this website for me. You're a majestic bear; it's a privilege to feed you roasted legs of animals they sell in the supermarket.



Hi. Yes, I could have saved you the dissapointment of "Yay! A blog notification* from someone who has read my brand new blog! " and then finding out it's me, by sending you a mail or something instead. But no. Blog related issues goes on blog. Actual comment: This blog is gonna rock the house. Of the internet. And it looks really good too (I guess that one is for Mike. Nice work Mike.). As for me, I shall frequent the shit out of this thing. Feel free to pride yourself. Gratulerer! *So, you get some sort of push or notification when something happens on your blog, right? If not, I'm gonna go ahead and copy Mike in on this one and he can start working on a feature. Copy: Mike Cook
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