Christmas and stuff

Christmas went down a blast this year. We just about moved in to the new flat and our stuff was all over the place. I was sleeping on the couch and Mike on an inflatable camping bed. We had a miniature Christmas tree and an over-sized Christmas present, a bag of mlinci and a 2kg duck. Alas, no internet. But somehow, we made it through.

No food photos because we were too hungry and ate it all, so let's look at the last year's Christmas photo.

There, wasn't that nice. Now, just replace turkey legs with a duck, potatoes with mlinci, and veg with asparagus and green beans, and you'll get this year's Christmas lunch photo.

We went to the Edinburgh Christmas market but the only photo I have is this display of diabetes. You could almost smell the insulin injections.

I worked on Christmas Eve so I thought that was the perfect time to take a few pictures of the office while there was just 20 of us there. 

We were in proper Christmas spirit too.

At work we had a Christmas Jumper competition and Alana won with this awesome home made jumper. Look at those reindeer. I had no jumper so I got donated this Christmas pudding hoodie for the day. (Photo by Hugh Beauchamp)

Year 2013 has been pretty damn fantastic for me and I can just hope 2014 will continue in the same direction. Hope ya'll had a good year and that we'll see each other soon, whether in Croatia or Scotland.

Now let's go and have a kick-ass 2014, shall we.