Cannot wait for spring to arrive already... and it hasn't even been a long cold winter. Compared to last year, this winter was a breeze. A few cold mornings here and there, no frostbites and no snow. South of England basically turned into the Great British swamp from excessive rainfall, but we were quite lucky up here in Scotland. Only thing that really sucks here is the goddamn wind. It's fine most of the time but it goes through phases when it starts acting like a raging lunatic in desperate need of a tranquilizer. Still, I'll take that over floods and snowstorms any day.

So yeah, spring is coming - imagine that. Snowdrops, crocuses and primroses emerging and birds exercising those rusty vocal chords. Soon enough summer will be here and Edinburgh will be full of the common folk lizarding in the sun and exercising their inert limbs by throwing frisbees at dogs too small to catch them. Not too far from there, the performing folk will delight the tourists with unexpected cricket games and bagpipe solos. The already high number of foreigners will double, and the disposable barbecue will yet again be the must-have accessorise. Summer in this city is bustling, and I for once, cannot wait.

Mike has some relatives on his mother's side who have a bench in Edinburgh. Back in 2011 when we first came here we tried to find it, but the number of benches dedicated to people in Edinburgh is just too damn high. Coincidentally we stumbled upon it during a walk the other week.

In other news, I baked some buns and we ate some tasty food.

Good, appropriate song.