North Berwick

Ladies visiting - Part 3

We planned on going to North Berwick to visit Tantallon castle so I took a day off work with hope of nice weather. Lo and behold, it was the only warm and sunny day in their entire visit. I couldn't have planned it better. We got on the train in Edinburgh and half an hour later we were in North Berwick, dipping our feet into the ocean. 

It's a very charming little seaside town with spectacular views. There's not much to do there expect walk around and enjoy the scenery. We stopped for tea at a cafe and I bought an ugly jumper at a charity shop because I severely underestimated the coastal wind. There are several small cafes and shops, and if you are as lucky as we were, you might just spot local butchers in bloody attire, carrying 5 dead pigs on their shoulders across the town. True story.

So there we were, watching our bus for Tantallon castle pass us by. Turns out the bus doesnt go every 20 min as I assumed, but in fact every 2 hours. With the help of the local postman who called us a taxi, we made it to the castle after all.

The view was breathtaking and we got to enjoy it for a good half an hour before the fog rose and gave the scenery a sinister appearance.