Lake Como

Italy part 1

I've finally gotten around to editing 500+ photos from our holiday in Italy. At one point all the lovely views and food starts looking alike and deciding which angle of a building or a plate of pasta is the best becomes a nightmare.

Our plan was to fly from Edinburgh to Milan Malpensa and then take the train to Como on lake Como. We ran into a classic Italian problem as soon as we landed - strike. No trains leaving the airport till 6pm. So, we did the only thing we could do, sat down and shared the saddest ham and cheese baguette known to man. I do hope you never have to spend any time on Milan Malpensa airport because it is indeed one of the most boring airports we've ever been to. Even the tiny Zadar airport was way better than this.

At 6 o'clock we finally got on the train and begun our holiday crammed in the carriage with hundreds of other people desperate to get home. An hour or so later we were in Como, exhausted from being bored out of our minds at the airport.  

Mike and I spent two days in Como, mostly just walking around and soaking in the beautiful scenery. Ate some average pasta and some average gelato at Gelateria Lariana, which was a bit disappointing because it was highly recommended online. We stayed at B&B Ai Tre leoni which is situated approximately 15 min walk from the center of Como. It's owned by Giancarlo and Barbara who were fantastic hosts. Both mornings for breakfast Barbara made us crostata, type of italian fruit tart, which is definitely a dessert up to my liking. 

Even thought I've looked at photos of it, Como was still unexpectedly beautiful. There's is something about a combination of water and mountains that just takes your breath away. You just stand there, stare and struggle to digest the beauty of it and the greasiness of the pesto pasta you had for lunch.

City's foundations date back to the Roman times, which is no surprise really. It would be surprising if nobody took over this part of land and called it their own. The architecture of the city is lovely, not only the Como Cathedral but all the little alleys too. It looks very picturesque with its numerous courtyards, colourful houses and flowery balconies.

On our last day in Como we stayed at Villa Patrizia about 20 min outside Como by car. It was a very nice house with a one and a half foot long porcelain basset hound and a garden in full jasmine bloom. Everywhere we went in Italy jasmine was in bloom, must be the season. 

My parents and my sister arrived from Croatia by car and from there on we were roadtrippin'. First short coffee stop was Cernobbio on the west side of Lake Como, and then we were on our way to La Spezia.